Assessment of Knee

Why Does My Knee Hurt?

Why does your knee hurt? The knee is one of the most heavily used and stressed joints in the body. Whenever we stand, walk, squat,…
scapulae lift

Reduce Shoulder Pain Easily, Improve Mobility & Strength

Do you experience shoulder pain, back pain or neck pain when reaching, lifting, turning, pulling or pushing? I see many clients with…
shoulder and back massage

Is Massage Actually Good For You?

New science sheds some light! Article written by Katie Drummond for Prevention Magazine We’re going to guess you don’t need…
Cupping Therapy on the back

An Acupuncturist Tips on Cold & Flu Prevention

Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention As the season has been shifting and the cold season starts, it’s important to keep our health in…

Winter Colds, The Blues? Acupuncture can Help!

A Registered Acupuncturist insight into how colds and flu season can be rescued by skillful Acupuncture treatments, common sense and…

Can Massage Help My Mother with Alzheimer’s

  Recently a potential client of ViVi Therapy requested via email if her mother would benefit from massage therapy.  Here is…

Workout your hamstrings and gluteal muscles at home.

Workout your hamstrings and gluteal muscles at home.  This video workout routine is ViVi's choice to exercise at home when going to…

Understanding Your Shoulder & Neck Pain

Four Muscles You Should Be Stretching To Avoid Neck Pain The most common area that I treat has to be the neck. Why does this happen…

The Iliotibial Band, Running, And Taking Care Of Yourself On The Road Or Trail

One of the great things about Victoria is that there are many excellent places to go running. There are good places to buy your shoes,…

Craniosacral Therapy and your Brain

At this very moment your head is subtly changing shape in rhythm with your sacrum. The Craniosacral system extends from the bones…

Yoga and Feldenkrais different & good together.

You can't go more than 5 blocks in the central business district of Victoria without seeing a yoga class, massage or some type of bodywork…