Reduce Shoulder Pain Easily, Improve Mobility & Strength

scapulae lift

Do you experience shoulder pain, back pain or neck pain when reaching, lifting, turning, pulling or pushing?

I see many clients with shoulder problems and pain. Many times these symptoms can be reduced greatly by doing some simple “Awareness Through Movement” exercises that I call shoulder optimizing exercises.  These exercises are based on the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic (body centered) learning.  I am a Feldenkrais practitioner and have a Registered Massage Therapy practice where I offer my clients treatments that help inform them and lead them to better functioning bodies.

During my treatments I often include some customized  movement sequences that help regain and improve mobility of the shoulder girdle and relieve pain in the shoulder, neck and upper back.   I explain to my clients that paying attention to habitual movement patterns of their body during their work and recreational activities is something that will benefit them over their life time.  When executed regularly specific movement sequences done intentionally before and after exertion or postural demanding tasks help align the shoulder girdle connect it to other parts of the body and relieve tension that can lead to pain from joint compression and nerve impingement along with muscular fatigue and imbalance.

I am a therapist here at ViVi Therapy. My name is Roxanne Derkson and I graduated from the Feldenkrais Institute of Somatic Education in Montreal in 1996.  Myself or our Registered Kinesiologists & Athletic Therapistscan assess your functional movement and get you started on a path to stronger more functional living.  Email questions to