Assessment of Knee

Why Does My Knee Hurt?

Why does your knee hurt? The knee is one of the most heavily used and stressed joints in the body. Whenever we stand, walk, squat,…
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Acupuncture & Natural Allergy Relief- Self Help Tips

  The most common symptoms of allergies are the runny nose (rhinitis), sneezing and itching eyes. These…
before and after acupuncture picture of woman with allergies

Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergy Symptoms-Natural Remedies

Acupuncture a safe and effective alternative for allergy symptoms: ENJOY THE SEASON AND BE SYMPTOM FREE WITH NATURAL ALLERGY RELIEF…
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The Best Chair for Sitting Better

The greatest feature of this chair is that it allows your muscles to be active.  “Ergonomic” chairs on the market provide every…
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Is your work out one sided?

Every week I see clients with one sided, tension related problems.  Sore right shoulders leading to sore right necks and poor range…


Shoulder pain and posture are related almost always. One of the most common upper body musculoskeletal complaints we see in our…

What to Expect During Your First Massage

There are a lot of new clients, young and old, getting their first massage treatments here at ViVi Therapy. Some people new to massage…

Winter Colds, The Blues? Acupuncture can Help!

A Registered Acupuncturist insight into how colds and flu season can be rescued by skillful Acupuncture treatments, common sense and…

Can Massage Help My Mother with Alzheimer’s

  Recently a potential client of ViVi Therapy requested via email if her mother would benefit from massage therapy.  Here is…

Understanding Your Shoulder & Neck Pain

Four Muscles You Should Be Stretching To Avoid Neck Pain The most common area that I treat has to be the neck. Why does this happen…