Winter Colds, The Blues? Acupuncture can Help!


A Registered Acupuncturist insight into how colds and flu season can be rescued by skillful Acupuncture treatments, common sense and good advice. 


Are you currently suffering from a cold or the winter blues?

The human body changes just as the seasons change but if your immune system is compromised or you are under unusual amounts of stress the transition can be less than smooth. Meaning we need to to be prepared with more than just our mitts, hats, scarves and woollies!

Traditional Chinese Medicine is was based on observing the natural earthly elements and how human life responds to the seasons. It is believed that all beings as with plants grow in the Spring, thrive in the Summer, harvest in the Fall and gather in the Winter. From the health perspective, the harvest and collection in Fall and Winter is an important concept for your internal Yang Qi. The lack of Yang Qi on your body surface renders you defenseless from the cold and humidity, resulting in frequent bouts of cold and flu. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture help increase your Wei Qi and Yang Qi for cold prevention. If you have already contracted a cold this season or anticipate one or more, Acupuncture can help boost your immune system function and hasten your recovery. The human body’s constitution tends to lean towards the colder spectrum in our modern society, attracting cold and resulting in energy flow blockages in the body. This may lead to muscle soreness, joint pain, frequent bouts of cold, painful menstruation, diarrhea, malaise, depression and anxiety. Traditional Chinese Medicine helps to alter your body constitution, boost your immune system function, improving your nervous system and endocrine system function. – J. Hsu

Your Registered Acupuncturist can also recommend foods and daily habits that will help you combat the symptoms that come on during this season.  Winter weather is challenging enough so get the help now so you can enjoy this season as much as the rest!

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