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Feldenkrais Classes

Moshe Feldenkrais has given the world the gift of movement intelligence and the road map to get there.

Moshe Feldenkrais has given the world the gift of movement intelligence and the road map to get there.


Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes and workshops were developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkriais (1904 -1984).  Feldenkrais used his method of group ATM classes to teach people how to move and use their bodies more intelligently. ViVi Therapy offers various Feldenkrais Classes & Workshops including a  series of workshops designed specifically for RMTs and other hands on body workers where CEU’s are offered. Learn more about our continuing education workshops here.

Benefits from taking our Feldenkrais Classes or Workshops:

  • Learn to improve your walk so that when you want to running is possible.
  • Feel how transmitting power through your skeleton offers you options of less effort and strain in your daily activities and  workouts.
  • Discover ways to defend your body using the force of gravity to build bone strength and agility.
  • Learn the core exercises you really need to have good posture, avoid back pain and move more freely.

Our Awareness Through Movement Feldenkrais classes or workshops relate to developing and enhancing movement possibilities such as spinal rotation, turning the head and lifting the trunk while lengthening the spine.  They help develop awareness of the relationship between the pelvis, head and shoulders while enhancing use of the thoracic core.  Students experience an increased flexibility through the spine and neck and develop an appreciation for their own skeletal power.

A perfect example of unnecessary strain placed on your body is the process of texting on your cell phone. Are you practicing safe text? The first in our series of workshops will address this issue looking at neck and shoulder pain, headaches and forward head posture and what you can do about them on a daily basis. Learn to practice safe text! Learn about yourself and your movements so you are not at the mercy of weekly therapy to keep you pain free. Avoid the long term effects of text neck now.  Check out our current class schedule here and follow the links there to register.

ATM classes offer learning in a group setting similar to Yoga or Pilates in that you wear the same type of clothing and lie on a mat in a studio. The distinction between Yoga, Pilates and Feldenkrais lies in its application to everyday living and human function. Feldenkrais practitioners train over a 4-year period. During that time they focus on learning and improving how they move, and in turn are able to observe where others need guidance and are able to help, fill in the blanks so to speak.  Your Awareness Through Movement teacher will guide you through a series of movements with a common theme such as reaching, rolling, turning, pushing, pulling, lifting, transitional movements such as moving from lying to sitting and sitting to standing and more.
  During infancy and early childhood development these daily movements were executed with spontaneity, curiosity and pleasure.  Unfortunately in many adults and even for some teenagers daily movement has lost some of those qualities. ATM classes and workshops can restore and contribute to a life of mobility and movement pleasure.

As Moshe Feldenkrais said,

“Movement is life, life without movement is unthinkable.”
The classes can also focus on a particular body part exploring its connections to other parts of the body and how you can use it in the most efficient way possible. For example, the hip and how it relates to the movement of your lower back, trunk, chest and arms or the jaw joint and how it relates to your tongue, neck, eyes and how all of the lessons connect to your breathing. Many lessons help you regain balance and agility.  ATM classes help develop your awareness, improve your balance and help you to move with less effort. Body intelligence has been the subject of contemporary Neuroscience and Brain Neuroplasticity theory.
Our three upcoming Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Workshops are as follows- 
feldenkrais classes

INTRO TO HEAD, NECK & JAW PAIN  Learn how to ease / avoid neck & shoulder pain for good.

  • Practical, interactive solutions for musculoskeletal pain & poor posture.
  • Learn how your neck & spine work together to support your head.
  • Integrate your new knowledge at work or play & on computers or hand held devices.

feldenkrais classesTHORACIC CONNECTIONS  The often neglected trunk of your body holds an important key to rotation of the body & head. In many people it is underutilized in daily movements.

• Improve the upper body’s ability to turn, reach, improve shoulder range of motion & lengthen the spine.
• Connect the trunk to the head motion fluidly without strain. Reduce poor posture, muscle tension and joint stiffness.
• Do Yoga? Improve what you pay attention to.


feldenkrais classesYOUR PELVIS AS CORE FOUNDATION   The lower extremities (legs, hips & feet) are the gateway to movement of the upper body. Many back & sacroiliac problems are actually from asymmetrical pelvis and hip motion.
• Change poor motion in the pelvis and hips to create a more functional alignment.
• Learn to move through your skeleton from your feet to your head.
• Integrate your pelvis even when sitting & doing more sedentary tasks.



Take a Feldenkrais class or workshop and feed your inquisitive mind, your body will benefit from the connection. Register by clicking on your chosen workshop above then purchasing it in our online store. Contact us  for more information or see our class schedule and registration page for upcoming workshops. You can register by purchasing your chosen workshop or class in our online store