Benefits Of Massage

benefits of massage

More people are realizing that massage therapy is one of the best therapeutic options to maintaining mobility and overall health throughout our lifetime. Whether you challenge yourself physically through training or you lack daily movement or fitness activities you need massage therapy to maintain your ability to function and perform optimally. At ViVi Therapy we provide preventative and therapeutic treatments for the following:


Your well being and long term mobility is dependent upon the function of your musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system that governs your movement, posture and physical activities. Regular Massage Therapy has been scientifically proven to increase oxygenated blood supply to muscles, tendons, ligaments and indirectly the skeleton. Supple neck muscles for example do not inhibit the flow of circulation to your brain and eyes but tight muscles in the neck and cranium region can cause nausea and reduce your ability to think and function optimally and with a clear head. This can lead to chronic headache and even numbness and tingling in the arms and hands.


Erosion in nature from wind and water is not dissimilar to what our bodies experience over years of poor body mechanics, postural and work related stress and sluggish circulation. Degeneration in the joints often occurs slowly over time. Overly tight muscles compressing joint surfaces and discs and limiting blood flow to tendons and ligaments will create poor range of motion (decreased movement), stiffness and eventually loss of mobility.


Chronically tight muscles are no longer able to function optimally. Once your muscles are over contracted you lose your ability to fully contract them from their resting state and therefore you lose strength. When your bones are aligned and function in a symmetrical pattern supporting your weight and locomotion, your muscles work with minimal effort required to perform and function during your daily activities. You require less effort to move and consequently have more energy for other things.


People function on different levels at different times and stages of their lives. One needs regular maintenance to function optimally especially when facing challenges to any of the bodies systems. Your Registered Massage Therapist knows many techniques to keep your musculoskeletal, arterial, venous, lymphatic, respiratory, craniosacral, nervous and digestive systems functioning optimally.


Massage Therapy assists circulation on all levels; arterial blood flow from the heart to your soft tissues, bones and organs, venous return to the lungs and heart, lymphatic flow to cleanse your body tissues and organs and enhance your immunity, and the circulation of your cerebral spinal fluid protecting your central nervous system (craniosacral system).