Looking for ways to use your empty essential oil bottles?

If like me you have loads of empty essential oil containers lying around and are wondering what to do with them then I just might have the answer!

However, remember that essential oils are just like any other oil and cling to the sides of the bottle they are in. This means that there is always a little bit left in there even when you think the bottle looks empty.

So as not to waste the residual oil clinging to the inside of the bottle check out the followings tips –

Run yourself a lovely relaxing warm bath and leave your empty uncapped bottles in the bottom while the water runs. The remnants of oil will get washed out with the warm water and fragrance it leaving you with a deliciously scented soak.

Keep the empty bottles somewhere safe and use them as aromatherapy tools. If you are having a bad day, have a headache or are feeling particularly emotional or stressed out, take one of your bottles, remove the top and breathe in the fragrance (for headaches eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender or spearmint work well).

Use carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil to fill up your empty bottles. This gently fragranced oil can then be used to moisturize dry hands, feet, elbows etc. The small size is great for throwing in your purse for moisturizing on the go! Alternatively tie some pretty twine or ribbon around the neck of the bottle, attach a tag and you have a great little gift. I know Christmas is a long way off yet but they can even be hung on the tree (remember this idea for the next one!)

Use good quality vodka or distilled water to fill your empty bottles. Shake well to incorporate then pour into a spray bottle. Use the finished product as an air freshener or linen spray.

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