Stages of Sports Injury & Athletic Rehabilitation


Sports njuries are a common issue in athletic activities. However, there are such instances when these injuries can be major and create a severe problem. With any sport, there are full chances of injury. Sports injury occurs to athletes on a daily basis, from minor to major. With the injuries, it is necessary to prevent further damage right away. To deal with such injuries athletic rehabilitation services in Victoria can provide plenty of support and and speed recovery.

Athletic Therapy and rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that treats sports injuries and enhances performance outcomes for athletes and individuals of  all ages. It deals with the musculoskeletal system pain, injury, or illness. Neurological, age related decline and stress related conditions are also treated by Athletic Therapist.

Therapy includes manual and exercise therapy as well as a large component of educationa and awareness coaching to guide an individual toward their goals without undertreating or over doing it for every stage of rehab or training.

Athletic rehabilitation services help to maintain the health and fitness of an athlete’s ability during the treatment and post-treatment. 

Sports Injury Rehabilitation Stages 

While there are minor injuries that are healed within a few days with ice, rest etc there are some other conditions, injuries and trauma that respond much better when you are guided by trained professionals. This process can insure the proper recovery process. Professionally facilitated rehabilitation of the injury is the most effective way of treatment, reducing an athlete’s  or individual’s time off work or on the sideline.

  1. Control Pain and Swelling Reduction 

The most common injuries that an athlete faces are pain and swelling in a particular part of the body. So, this will be the first challenge that needs to be tackled during physical rehabilitation therapy. The process involves the rotation of ice, heat, and massage to the injured part. After this stage is completed successfully, the trainer initiates the next step of therapy. 

  1. Improve Joint Mobility and Range of Motions

After the swelling and pain are controlled, the stage of physical activity begins. Due to less mobility, the joints and muscles get stiff, resulting in non-movement. As moving your joints get difficult and even painful. The professional therapist will influence in performing motion exercises. It will help to limit long-term damage and loosen up stiff joints with the process. 

  1. Regain Your Strength and Endurance

You need to regain your strength after restoring the motion as an athlete. The rehabilitation team specialists are there to help you by making you perform an extra variety of strength and endurance exercises. It will help you push out to your limits. You will develop an athlete’s ability where there are fewer chances of recurring injuries. The athletic rehabilitation services in Victoria will help you move closer to the peak of an athlete’s ability with no occurrence of risk. 

  1. Increase Coordination Skills 

Body coordinational is one of the essential skills of the athlete that needs to be practiced and maintained. It is said that this is the key to becoming a successful athlete. This will be the second last stage of the rehabilitation. Here, the therapist focuses on the injured area and teaches the patient to rework in tandem with the rest of the body parts. The professional therapist will guide you through the coordination regimen to develop the motions accurately needed. After reaching a healthy level of coordination, one can be successful in athletic therapy in Victoria, BC.

  1. Recovering Sports-Specific Movements

The final stage of rehabilitation is when the physical therapist makes you perform similar exercises with the specific motion that depicts your sport. Before the injury, whichever motions you should perform, you have to come back with those motions to return to action. After completing this stage, the athlete can feel confident and begin their sport without any fear of injury. At this stage, the physical therapist carefully shifts by progressing the injured athlete from basic exercises to those requiring higher skill levels as they heal and have the muscle control to handle them without risking further injury. If you return to the game, you need to prevent another injury or any such instance and continue your rehabilitation as early as possible. 

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It is important to start the treatment as soon as possible after getting injured. The athletic rehabilitation services in Victoria help recover the athlete soon after using therapeutic interventions that help speed up the recovery. Vivi Therapy offers a wide range of rehabilitation therapies under professional specialists. Your treatment plan with us will be focused on getting you back to the same capacity or even stronger. We will help incorporate therapeutic interventions and exercise into your treatment to monitor and modify as per body demand. To know more, visit our website and contact us!