From Babes to Aged We Take Care

As 2014 is ending this month I reflect on some of the interesting and rewarding clinical experiences I have had this year.  Over my career it seems like I have been there done that when it comes to bodywork.  But I did have a period of time when treating pregnant women and their babies was something that I was not attracting into my practice as much as lifestyle, injury and orthopedic clients.  Recently that has changed and we are now seeing a few pregnant women again and as you can see here a brand new baby.  He was born with a hematoma on his head and his mom was worried about it.  So, we did some cranial work and it seemed to be the gentle nudge he needed to reabsorb the subcutaneous fluid and balance his cranial vault.  Later that day I had another bruise only this one was not from birth pressure but from a fall.

Baby cranial workThis client said it was OK to talk about his injury on my blog and post this severe picture of his bruise.  Here is evidence of a very harsh impact and the subsequent bruising that happened.  This was our 2nd treatment and the bruise had spread to a larger area than the first visit.  This person has had a THA or total hip arthroplasty on the left the side with the majority of the hematoma. I think because of the metal in the hip there was more severe subcutaneous damage to capillaries and blood vessels but at the same time the pain was not that bad.  Ice therapy was used during and after treatment. Specific lymph drainage was applied to the nearest lymphatic junction in the left inguinal (groin) region.

I always recommend that clients use a dry brush and show them how to dissipate the subdermal congestion of blood to the nearest lymph junction themselves between sessions.  Ice really helped and the most painful area was at the epicenter of the bruise where the impact of the fall was greatest.  Treatment for this condition was gentle with mild passive range of  motion first time and progressed to slightly deeper to move the congestion away from the injury site and increase movement and maintain mobility while healing.  This has gone well and he is back driving the car and feeling more comfortable with each passing day.  Imagine if this person did not have a regular therapist to go to, we have put a fast forward on the healing process here just by implementing some ice, lymph drainage and movement.  RMT’s are so valuable and regular visits contribute to better overall health care.

client hematoma