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Portable Massage Chair Rental


Rent the ViVi Pro Executive Portable Massage Chair  for your event or to use at home.




 Portable Massage Chair rental is a great option for your event or to simply use at home.

The ViVi Pro Executive Massage Chair is extremely comfortable and is easy to transport, set up and store due to it’s lightweight and ergonomic frame.

This Portable Massage Chair rental comes complete with a handy and stylish carry case.

  • The ViVi Pro Executive Massage Chair offers Massage Therapists an incredibly light, strong and easy to set up solution for on-site massage.
  • The ViVi Pro Executive Massage Chair allows comfort and access to work on the body – relieving any tension and strains in the back, arms, neck, shoulders and more.
  • This Massage Chair is super portable and made of durable PU vinyl and metal framing.  It comes with adjustable face and chest height positioning and adjustable arm rests.
  • Carry cases are included with each Massage Chair
  • The ViVi Pro Executive Massage Chair are extremely durable 
  • Contact us if you would like a special rental agreement for your fundraiser

The convenience of the chair massage lies in the fact that it can be performed quickly as it does not require the recipient to remove his or her clothes. This enables people who might be discouraged from going to get a regular table massage due to being conscious of being exposed, to still get a massage. Chair massage offers a way of gaining the vast array of possible massage benefits with your clothes still on.

The neck, back and shoulder muscles are constantly subjected to lots of stress throughout the day. With time, this kind of stress may cause the body tissues to become sore and stiff. During the chair massage, the therapist uses the hands, elbows and other tools for stretching and placing pressure on affected tissues so as to alleviate tension. Pain is relieved once the muscles relax, particularly in the lower back and neck area.

Chair massages are also easily accessible since these chairs are flexible and portable. These chairs also provide better massage access for individuals like the elderly as they can have difficulty using massage tables.

When muscles relax, blood is able to easily reach muscle tissues and this leads to improved circulation. Chair massage manipulates muscles and it forces blood easily through body tissues. Better blood flow is linked with better circulation of nutrients and oxygen into the body muscles.

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