Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are health care professionals educated and trained to accurately assess and treat the body with techniques that include massage and manual therapy, joint mobilization, hydrotherapy, and rehabilitative exercise.

At ViVi Therapy we have trained RMT’s that offer Myofascial Release and Deep tissue Massage, Craniosacral and visceral manipulative therapy, and Feldenkrais Movement for rehabilitation, pain relief, quality of life, mobility and performance.

Massage Therapy is an effective approach to pain management and rehabilitation. It relieves stress and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation, helping clients to breathe and move more easily. It is effective in treating a wide range of conditions such as migraine headaches, tendonitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, as well as many other common conditions related to soft tissue dysfunction.

Massage Therapy can help:

  • Alleviate pain and tension, and manage pain better
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Promote speedy recovery from injuries (work, trauma, accident or sports-related)
  • Decrease post surgery recovery (from orthopedic to oncology)
  • Increase mobility and provide greater joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve and strengthen the immune system
  • Relieve musculoskeletal problems and improve posture
  • Relieve pregnancy discomforts and facilitate healthy pregnancies
  • Reduce anxiety and promote an overall feeling of well-being
  • Increase body awareness (Feldenkrais Method)

From Registered Massage Therapy to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have something for everyone! Need to get smarter about your muscles and bones? The Feldenkrais Method is just the resource you need to sort out those chronic issues that keep coming back. Book in for a Feldenkrais lesson and find out how to move better, decrease pain and perform optimally. Book all therapies online now.

We can direct bill Canada Life, Pacific Blue Cross, and Other insurance providers. Please call or email to inquire about our direct billing service.

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