the MeM day 3

Don’t forget that every time you come out to the MeM you can enter to win a free massage with Registered Massage Therapist and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner Roxanne Derkson.

We had a great time at the third Massage Exchange Movement. This time we had our best turnout ever with a bunch of brand new faces. We taught “Ringing the back”, “Raking the ribs”, “Heating hands”, and “Stroking finish”. For more information on learn to massage and massage products, please visit

the MeM day 2

We had our second MeM and it was a lot of fun. This week we focused on a shoulder, arm, and tricep release, as well as a percussive clapping technique. We had a new group of people and they were kept warm by the patio heater, hot stones, and tea. We also featured music by Oka this week and had the incense burning. Don’t forget that each time you come to the MeM you will be entered into a draw for a free 1 hour massage from Roxanne Derkson RMT.

the MeM day 1

Come to the MeM contest

Every time you come to the MeM you will be entered into a draw for a free 1 hour massage from Roxanne Derkson, RMT GCFP. The more times you come, the greater your chances are for winning!

We had our first official MeM and it went great. The weather was great, the patio heater was going, incense burning, and hot tea was served. The techniques taught this week were the “C” squeeze, neck squeeze, spinal walking, and sacrum circular kneading. We had a few people stop by to learn and it really brought some relaxation to their day.

Here is what one of our students said, “I was having such a bad day and it felt so good to receive a massage from someone. I forgot where I was at one point, thank you so much.”

We even had Victoria News come by and take some photos and interview Roxanne.

Hope to see you next week!

the MeM is here

It’s finally here. Come on out tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 15 at 3:15pm at 1608 Camosun Street and learn how to massage a friend or family member (be sure to bring one along). 
  • Hot tea will be served
  • Patio heater set up to keep you warm
  • Music by Sacred Earth ( played to keep you relaxed
  • Imported incense burned to calm you 
  • Bring a toonie to donate to local charity if you can

Note: This event is weather pending so be sure to follow us  for updates

Bones For Life Intensive Teacher Training

MARCH 18,19,20 (LEVEL 1), MARCH 25,26,27 (LEVEL 2)

ViVi Therapy is pleased to announce a rare opportunity for you to study Bones For Life levels 1 & 2 Intensive Teacher Training with Gail French, a Physical Therapist, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, and Bones for Life pioneer trainer from Anchorage, Alaska. Gail combines a large body of knowledge, skill and intuition when it comes to teaching the processes of Bones For Life. The benefits and timing of integrating this training into your personal and professional lives has never been better.
An aging population plagued with osteoporosis, loss of bone density, balance and mobility is in dire need of this method and its teachers. Since its inception more than a decade ago, the Bones For Life movement, developed by one of the original Feldenkrais Method trainers Ruthy Alon, has grown globally and is now being taught in recreation centers, clinics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, massage practices, clubs, dance and yoga studios, senior care homes, hospitals, and universities. Gail French has the skills and training to move you into this exciting new aspect of your profession and get you started on your way to a new career as a Bones For Life teacher.
Gail is coming to Victoria for the first time in March 2011. She understands Bones For Life deeply and relays her knowledge in concise, articulate and hands-on methods that create a dynamic and exponential learning experience. Gail can facilitate your learning and understanding of Bones For Life anatomically, physiologically and practically, guiding you through the processes that have changed the lives of many people suffering from loss of mobility and subsequent independence, osteoporosis, loss of balance, and compromised circulation. Gail’s career has spanned more than 35 years and her professional history gives her the familiarity of knowledge that will facilitate your understanding of the Bones For Life processes and its intellectual underpinnings which include the Feldenkrais Method. For more information check out

Registration and Pricing:

Please contact Roxanne Derkson at, or phone  250-298-4484  to register.

Bones For Life 1 $450 ($375 early bird by Feb. 21)
Bones For Life 2 $450 ($375 early bird by Feb. 28)
Bones For Life 1 & 2 $850 ($695 early bird by Feb. 21)
Bones For Life Manual Level 1 $95
Bones For Life Manual Level 2 $95


Cheques payable to ViVi Therapy, 1608 Camosun Street, Victoria, BC, V8T 3E6
Visa or Mastercard add 4%, Paypal

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the MeM is coming to your Hood in 2011

Starting the end of January we will begin to teach free massage classes on Tuesday afternoons around the time the Victoria High School students depart from school for the day.  These classes will be held outdoors in front of our ViVi Therapy clinic and store at 1608 Camosun Street in the Victoria suburb of Fernwood.

We will use professional massage chairs and the classes will last approximately one hour, weather permitting.

We will video tape the classes and share them here.  So, if you miss a class you can catch up. 

Our classes are part of a movement we want to focus on that supports people caring for people in a demonstrative fashion.  the MeM which means Massage Exchange Movement helps people to feel good and even feel better… including the homeless.

Everyone who participates in the MeM will donate a Toonie to the homeless and we will record our fund raising here.  We hope to experience the hands of  many wonderful and caring individuals and aspire to the MeM spreading human kindness far and wide.