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Acupuncture & Allergy Relief

  Acupuncture & Allergy Relief   growing = pollen The most common symptoms of allergies are the runny nose (rhinitis), sneezing and itching eyes. These symptoms may be seasonal when certain […]

Aromatherapy Review

Forward: I studied at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, back in those days we were into blending carrier oils mostly sweet almond and sesame. With these we would create therapeutic blends adding […]

Pets MeM cancelled

We had to cancel the MeM today because of the rain. But don’t worry because we’ll be back, we’re planning on doing pet massage again. Bring your dogs, cats, or […]

Free Pet Massage Lessons

Come to the Massage Exchange Movement (MeM) March 15th and 21st and bring your dog, cat, or furry creature and learn to massage them. We’ll have doggy treats and all […]