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Thumb Saver - ViVi Therapy Massage Supply Hand Tool

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The ultimate Thumb Saver is ergonomically designed to be flexible and strong to support your thumb joints. Reduce the strain on your thumb joints with this Thumb Saver.



The ultimate Thumb Saver has a patented design developed to extend the life of your hard working thumb joints.  Ergonomically designed with flexible, strong support, this massage tool delivers the relief and aid your massage techniques need.

Used as directed, with properly aligned wrist, forearm, and body mechanics, this device can relieve De Quervain syndrome.  Because of repetitive strain many manual skill professions have this reoccurring issue, and Massage Therapy is no exception. The syndrome develops slowly as the two tendons that control movement of the thumb and their tendon sheath become inflamed. The result is pain in the outside of the wrist. This pain typically increases with gripping or rotating of the wrist.

The damage doesn’t stop there.

Myofascial trigger Point therapy often requires prolonged compression to tight areas of muscle and can cause thumb joint compression, which leads to arthritis.  The thumb saver, combined with proper alignment of the thumb to wrist and forearm, will allow therapists to enjoy their massage work without painful repercussions. 

No more constant wrist and hand pain with the Thumb Saver to the rescue!


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