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Instant Hot Compress | 1 pc

instant hot pack
One Instant Hot Compress

Just break, shake, and let the relief begin. Great for using at events.

For single use only.



One Instant Hot Compress


When you need soothing heat therapy fast, try this Instant Hot Compress. Simply squeeze the heat pack to activate up to 20 minutes of therapeutic heat. Since this instant hot compress¬† does not need a microwave to warm up, it’s great for travel or long hikes or camping trips. Plus, this heat pack makes an excellent tool for soothing pain and reducing swelling from sports or other injuries, carpal tunnel, or arthritic flare-ups. Easy to use, this instant heat compress included detailed instructions.¬† Effective for soothing heat therapy, the Instant Heat Compress is flexible, so it molds to any part of your body.

For single use only




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