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Feldenkrais Fundamentals for Functional Focused Treatments Level 1

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Feldenkrais Fundamentals for Functional Focused Treatments Level 1 (14 PE/A2 CEC’s)

Jump start your practice towards a functional focus where education and client self-awareness play a key role in client care outcomes. (Certificate for CEU’s for Ontario and BC will be issued by ViVi Therapy).

Learn how to build functional thinking, assessments, palpation and handling into your treatment protocols with Feldenkrais Fundamentals for Functional Focused Treatments.

Instructor – Roxanne Derkson RMT Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.  Takes place from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM on Saturday and 9 AM-4 PM on Sunday, with a one-hour lunch break each day.

Our Next Class is:

Level 1: May 22nd and 23rd, 2021 *The May 22nd & 23rd workshop is currently full. If you are interested in registering please contact [email protected] or 250-298-4484 to be put on the waitlist for any cancellations or last minute openings.

Dates for Future Classes:

Level 2: TBD

Registration for  Feldenkrais Fundamentals Level 2 is available here (level 1 is not required)


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Held at ViVi Therapy 1976 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1E2

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Feldenkrais Fundamentals for Functional Focused Treatments

Level 1 – Approved by CMTBC for Cycle 12 & Cycle 13  14 PE/A2 CEC’s

 Level 1
Introduction to Functional Fundamentals ( 4  hours of practical learning)

Learn how to change your assessment skills in the clinical setting from range of motion dysfunction and postural assessments to dynamic assessments.  Dynamic assessments, that reveal a clearer understanding of the bodies diagonal, linear and rotational relationships, movement patterns and motor control including evaluating issues that lead to repetitive injury, accidents, poor balance and chronic pain. Help your clients move beyond musculoskeletal symptoms that lead to osteoarthritis and other degenerative disease processes.  Learn a new way of thinking about and observing your patients from when they enter your waiting room until the time they leave post tx.  Become their movement coach and grow your capacity to facilitate their change with a human and compassionate focus. Learn to use your initial assessments and final evaluations at the end of a treatment to highlight improvements and therefore keep your clients progress highlighted and focused on function.

Functional Fundamentals for Functional Focused Treatment for Head, Neck, Upper Thoracic and Shoulder Girdle (10 hours of practical learning)

This 2 day workshop will combine lecture, movement lessons (awareness through movement) that you will learn and can teach your patients (while on your table) as well as hands on practical work that you can integrate into your treatment protocols in order to facilitate change in chronic pain, poor posture, repetitive strain in the shoulders, elbows, hands and wrists. This workshop is taught in a format that is common to Feldenkrais Practitioners one that uses self awareness to teach others the same.  The hands on techniques have been developed with a new style of palpation and connection with the musculoskeletal system that focuses on efficient skeletal motion as the under pinning to better function and movement.  We will work on concepts like reaching, turning, bending and how the junction of the C7 and T1 are a key element to better motion in the entire spine and how it connects with the head. Thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, headaches, cervical osteoarthritis, rotator cuff and adhesive capsulitis type shoulder symptoms can all benefit from the content taught in this workshop.



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