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Dr Cohen's AcuPad - The Heatable Acupressure Pad


Dr Cohen’s Acupad is a better alternative to a hot water bottle. Heat it up in the microwave and get over an hour of relief on your back, neck, feet, or anywhere that needs a little extra love.

Set of 2 Acupads.

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Why use a water bottle when you can have an Acupad? The Acupad is easily heatable and can stay hot for over an hour. Its ergonomic shape and acupressure knobs make it more soothing and relaxing than a hot water bottle. It’s great for menstrual cramps, under the neck for relaxation, or for promoting circulation in the feet.

The Acupad can help relax tight muscles and connective tissue, enhance joint movement, stimulate blood flow, flush out toxins, and release natural painkillers in the body. It’s great for correcting posture, soothing sore feet, sitting on, and even just as a hand warmer!

Heat up your Acupad (and always follow instructions when doing so) to get the most out of this amazing massage tool. The deep heat is lasting and penetrating, making it easier for your muscles and joints to stretch and expand.

To heat: Place two Acupads in the microwave for 3.5 minutes to get 2 hours of soothing heat!

For more info and heating instructions, check out this video here.

You can also try the Acuball, Acuball Mini for travel, or Acuback for posture. The possibilities are endless!


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