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Dr Cohen's Acuball Mini - Acupressure Massage Tool

Acuball Mini

Dr Cohen’s AcuBall Mini is perfect size for loosening up sore muscles and storing for travel. Throw one in your purse and use it at the office!

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This tiny little ball can take a lot of heat!

The Acuball Mini is a great massage tool for professionals and athletes! It travels well and can be heated up to soothe deep muscles and release stiff joints. Use for rehab, work (for posture), spots, travel, or just at home as a way to unwind.

The Acuball Mini is perfect for using on smaller muscle groups like hands, feet, forearms, and upper back. Its small size makes it easy to use against a wall to release tight shoulders, or under feet to get rid of tension.

Simply immerse the Acuball Mini in boiling water for 10 minutes and you’ll have long lasting heat that penetrates into your sore spots. Do NOT microwave! The acupressure spikes add an extra massage where you need it most.

Watch this video for exercises and heating instructions.

Try the Acuball for bigger issues, Acuback for better posture, and Acupads for a more passive sensation.


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