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Dr Cohen's AcuBack - Heatable Roller


Dr Cohen’s AcuBack is better than a foam roller, and it’s heatable too! Use it for improving posture, releasing tight joints, and soothing muscle tension.

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Say Goodbye to your Foam Roller – and Hello to the AcuBack!

The AcuBack relies on acupressure knobs to stimulate and soothe sore muscles and release tension. Heat it up, and it gets even better!

Lay on the AcuBack and feel the heat penetrate and loosen your spine. Use it at the office or in the car to improve posture.

To heat: Put in microwave for 85 seconds (800W microwave) or 95 seconds (600W microwave) or boil for 12 min. The heat will last about 75 minutes! That’s over an hour of heated relief!

Don’t Damage Your Back!

When you hunch forward in your chair, do you ever think about what happens to your internal organs? Your spine? Your back muscles? If you sit for long hours, you probably know that having good posture can be difficult, but is extremely important.

The gap in the middle of the Acuback makes it easy to use right on the spine, while avoiding the bone and stimulating the muscles around it. You can use it behind your shoulders, neck, upper back, or lower back.

Watch this video to learn more about this amazing tool.

Get the original Acuball, Acuball Mini for travel, or Acupads for limitless relaxation.


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