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Aluminum Bottle - Great for Massage Oil!

Metal Bottle

140 ml Aluminum Bottle. Great for massage oil. 

Warm Oils Safely Without Plastics

Massage oil bottle made from high grade aluminum. Makes it easy to warm your oils without the plastic chemical migration.

Great for heating unprocessed organic coconut oil.




Gently warm your oil without worrying about plastic chemicals leaching into your product! Get an aluminum bottle from ViVi!

Our aluminum bottles are made of high-grade aluminum, and are better than plastic for heating oil. To heat, simply keep your aluminum bottles in a pot or bowl of warm (not boiling!) water. To remove from water, hold onto the plastic cap.

This small size makes it great for workshops, retreats, and for small batch oil blends. As these bottles don’t retain smells, you can reuse your bottle and even scent your oil with essential oils without any residual odor. They are also easy to sanitize in between uses.

Try these bottles with a black, white, or pump cap! The options are endless.

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Black Flat, White Flat Top, Black Pump


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